Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not gonna do it . . . nope, not at all

I went for my pre-op yesterday and it was very similar to going to a car lot to look and being forced into buying a car. I asked the doctor why he was so insistent on performing the Laparoscopy instead of just doing the Hysteroscopy. He said, just for good measure...really? You want to do something that is not needed and is going to cause me pain for a week or so and cost me at least $1500??? REALLY???

After I met with him, I was moved to the next room to meet with the nurse to go over all the junk I needed to do to be ready for the surgery. THEN, they sent in the 2 finance girls. They started spouting off all my insurance benefits...85/15. My 15% was going to be about $1500 and that is without the Anethstesiologist fees.

LONG story short, I made my way back home while talking with a friend about it, then on to my husband. I came to the decision to cancel the surgery.

I am actually very relieved. I just don't want to jump through hoops anymore. I want to be with my husband, have fun and just see what happens. I know that God is with me and I still feel like we will have a biological child. Minus being considered “medically old” we are both in good shape and health and all our numbers are good. There is no real reason why we can’t get prego on our own. Here's to LOVE!


  1. I am glad that you are doing what feels right to you. That is the most important thing you can do.

  2. Definitely stick to what makes you comfortable. Good luck!