Wednesday, August 19, 2009

6 days post IUI

Today is 6 days post IUI. From everything I have read, there are no signs this early. To me, I interpret everything as a sign. I still had some light cramping in my lower abdomen and back through early this morning. That is gone now, along with my 2-day headache. I did feel a semi-sharp pain in my lower left abdomen just before lunch. Maybe implantation?? Supposedly, implantation takes place between day 6 and 10 post IUI.

I am going to stay strong and hold out till day 14 before I test. I pray to God above that this is it!

My husband is sooooo amazing. For the past two nights, I come home from work, he asks what I want for dinner and tells me to go relax. He makes dinner, brings it to me and continues on to clean the kitchen. Very nice! Last night he came to bed and was being very sweet. He said he had to take care of me because I was having his triplets :-O Now, we only had two mature eggs, but there is always a chance that an embryo can split ;-)

Multiples would be amazing. I am so blessed by God that I don’t even want to ask for more, but I really feel we are up to the challenge and I pray that we have at least one on board and more if possible!

Anyone else out there in the 2-week wait??? Anything different?


  1. hi,
    i have been ttc also. today is day 6 post iui. it is so hard to wait.

  2. Hi there, I am also 6 days past IUI. I also wait until 14 days. I'd rather get my period than see that single line. It's so mocking. I was on 100mg of clomid last month with my first IUI and no luck. One thing I'm prepared for is a late period. I've read that clomid can delay your period. I went 33 days last month and since I've never gone past 30, I was crushed by that cursed single line. I will test at 14 days this month just so I don't get my hopes up as I creep past 30 days with no period.

    I'll be keeping you in my prayers too!