Thursday, August 20, 2009

Progesterone Blood Test

Today is 7 days past IUI and I went for blood work this morning to check my Progesterone levels. I went to Quest Laboratories. TIP: Usually there is a pretty good wait. I called their automated number yesterday and scheduled an appointment for 7:15am today. They took me in at 7:11 and I was back in the car by 7:14. I am sure all those people in the waiting room were not having nice thought towards me though!

They said it would be 24-48 hours for results. I have been doing some research on Progesterone and it does not seem that you can have too much. I did not want to start using a Progesterone cream before my blood test, but I think I am going to start tonight. I don’t think it could hurt and it could really help if my levels are low.

Not much else going on. I am tired, but that is probably just from working. I have had two very light dizzy spells. I know…I am grasping. Overall, I think I am surviving the 2-week wait pretty well. Today is my half-way point.

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  1. Hi...My name is Stacey. I found a link to your blog via webmd and enjoyed reading your entries as I am going through pretty much everything you are. I'll be looking forward to reading more about your journey. Sending baby dust your way!