Monday, August 24, 2009

Well, I am at10 or 11 days post IUI, depending on if you count the day of IUI. I spent part of the weekend Googling for all signs of early pregnancy.

• Sore or tender nipples or breasts - no

• A pattern of visible, bluish veins throughout the external area of the breasts – gosh, I hope not

• Small, white “bumps” around the areola – again, no and I hope not

• Increased sensitivity to smell - no

• Nausea - no

• Skin changes – I never have acne, but I do have one or to blemishes…hmm

• Fatigue - who knows…I am always tired

• Dizziness – yes, a few times…nice

• Mild or dull abdominal cramping or pain – A LOT!

• lower-back ache - yes

• A “metallic” taste in the mouth – surprisingly YES

• Excessive hunger – again, a normal occurrence in my life ;-)

• Excessive amount of saliva production – who knows

• Heartburn - no

• Increased vaginal discharge – yes…this weekend, which started my Googling

• Aversion to foods - no

• Increased emotional sensitivity/weepiness – no more than usual

• Nasal congestion - no

• Leg cramping - no

• Flatulence – eewwww

So, none of the above, with the exception of the cramping, would make me think twice if I was not trying to get pregnant. The metallic thing was weird and I did not know it was a symptom when I had it.

The cramping and lower back pain is unusual for me because I usually only have that the day before and maybe the day of my period. I have never really had cramps, and I am glad for that! So this one makes me stop and think.

The say that implantation occurs 7-14 days from fertilization…dang! May or may not have happened yet. I personally think it has. I feel like I am pregnant. We did everything right. We are ready. Why shouldn’t we be pregnant?? I pray to God above that we are.

Hope you all have a blessed day. Anyone that has any thoughts, info or stories, please share!


  1. Hi there and welcome to the blogsphere! Do you do BBT temping? That could give you a better idea of how your progesterone is doing (if your temps stay up) than those nebulous symptoms above which could also mean AF.

    As far as implantation goes, yea, the common thought is 6-14 days after O. But most doctors will say that the really good window is 6-9 days. Implantation that happens later than that, while it certainly can turn out fine, also is at a much higher risk for loss.

    I like the sound of your symptoms, though! And I'm 8 weeks pregnant myself and barely have any symptoms, so don't stress if you're not seeing a ton. I'll be watching to see what happens! GL!

  2. It sounds like your doing great -- almost made it through the tww and your progesterone level is excellent. I hope this is your BFP cycle!!

    Welcome to infertility blogging, hopefully your stay is short :)

    (here from LFCA)