Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 week history part 2

August 14…my husband delivered his sample for washing at 8am. Note: if you deliver it in the provided cup there is no office fee. If you use one of the rooms and do it on site, you have to pay the co-pay.

I showed up at 10am. The usual, “strip from the waist down and the doctor will be with you in a moment”. While waiting for the doctor, a lab tech delivered a test tube with my name on it containing my husbands washed and ready sperm. The doctor arrived, inserted a speculum along with a catheter into my uterus. The boys were injected and my table was tipped with my head down for 15 minutes.

There was not much to it. I did text my husband through the whole thing so he would feel a part of it. I also sent him a pic if the boys in the tube :-) All in all, quick and painless. From there, they scheduled me for blood work on August 20 and told me if I did not get my period by the 28, take a home pregnancy test. If it turned positive, come in for a blood test. OH and we were supposed to have sex that night and the next night.

Well, that brings us up to present day. I am on day 5 of my 2-week wait. My husband and I are praying that this works and we are so down for having multiples!!!

They say there are no real symptoms until at least implantation. I keep analyzing every thing that I feel in hopes that it is a sign. Yesterday and today I had dull achy cramps in lower back and lower stomach. This is very similar to the days before my period, of course, it is way to early for that, so I am very hopeful!

Time to sign off…anybody out there?

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